Proposed Site


Why Squaw Valley Park?

Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation's desired museum site is located at the entrance to Olympic Valley within Squaw Valley Park. In July 2015, SVSMF received approval from the Placer County Board of Supervisors to submit a site application for the museum building at Squaw Valley Park.

This site offers the following benefits:

  • Year-round vibrancy in Squaw Valley Park
  • Synergy of outdoor and indoor recreation for visitors and residents
  • Opportunity for critical infrastructure improvements
  • Potential cost sharing of park management expenses
  • Visibility and convenient access from SR-89 corridor
  • Constructive utilization of previously disturbed land
  • Minimal visual or noise impact due to the park's distance from¬†nearby entities

In seven years of site studies in conjunction with independently contracted architects and land planning engineers, SVSMF reviewed a dozen of sites throughout the North Lake Tahoe region, from Sugar Pine State Park to Truckee. After preliminary analysis, SVSMF determined that a site within Olympic Valley would offer the most natural tie to the region's Olympic legacy and the greatest chance for long-term sustainability of a legacy and cultural center.

Other Sites Considered

Six sites in Olympic Valley were given comprehensive consideration including the "7-11 Gateway Site" located on the Northwest corner of the valley entrance. In total, SVSMF and Placer County conducted three independent studies of the 7-11 site. However, Placer County and SVSMF findings consistently showed that the following challenges prevented that site from being a viable location for the museum:

  • Patchwork of ownership and¬†easements
  • Deed restrictions and land use restrictions
  • High voltage power lines and an unsightly permanent electric substation
  • Potential electromagnetic fields (EMF) hazards
  • Difficult traffic circulation and highway noise
  • Existing designation of Entrance Commercial Zoning which could mean potential high-density retail and other development
Next Steps

SVSMF submitted an Environmental Questionnaire (EQ) and Site Application, along with a requested zoning amendment, to the Placer County Planning Department at the end of September. In addition to the Planning Department, the Foundation will work closely with the County Executive Office - North Lake Tahoe, Parks & Recreation, and Facility Services departments to navigate the process, including the following elements:

  • Traffic & Parking Studies
  • Tree Arborist Study
  • Community informational gatherings to introduce proposed museum building and concepts

With a successful site application and necessary approvals by Placer County, SVSMF anticipates launching a building capital campaign with museum grand opening during the 2019/20 winter season.