Sierra Ski History

Our Sierra Ski History

Sierra skiers have been racing downhill for over 150 years. Archives date back to the 1850s, when gold miners traveled and competed on 14-foot skis called “long boards.” The Auburn Ski Club’s Western Ski-Sport Museum (WSSM) on Donner Summit possesses a world-class collection of early California ski history that deserves a modern facility, where the stories of colorful, daring, and adventurous characters who pioneered skiing in the Sierra Nevada can come to life.

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Our Olympic Ski History

We are racing against the clock. The generation that pioneered winter sports in the West and organized an Olympic Games like no other in history will slip away from memory to obscurity in the coming decade. While we still have their presence, this is the perfect time to capture this unique Olympic history for future generations of skiers and Olympic enthusiasts to treasure.

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Racing downhill for over 150 years

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When the 1960 Olympic Winter Games in Squaw Valley came to a close, skiing in California and the West was forever changed. Today, the northern Sierra has the highest concentration of ski areas in the western hemisphere and local ski clubs have produced more Winter Olympians and World Cup athletes than any region in the USA.

Help us celebrate our Olympic legacy and Sierra ski heritage for generations to come.